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Jackson and his Disciples by Bradley Schmehl

Jackson and his Disciples by Bradley Schmehl

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Image Size  20" x 30"
Condition  mint. 
Limited edition 55
Artist Proof

Experience history with the JACKSON AND HIS DISCIPLES Limited Edition Civil War Print by Bradley Schmehl of the Valley Campaign. Featuring General Jackson and his artillery pieces - lovingly referred to as "his disciples" - as he stands over the rolling hills of Lexington, this beautiful print takes you back to Civil War times with crisp detail by artist Bradley Schmehl. Own a piece of history today.

Lt. General Stonewall Jackson was a notable commander of the 9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment (Confederate).  They fought in more than 20 engagements.
Jackson attended West Point and fought in the Mexican War.  When the Civil War started in 1861 he led troops for the Confederacy. He got his nickname at the Battle of Bull Run the gunfire and confusion of the battle, Confederate Gen. Barnard E. Bee said, "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall." He was admired for his stubborn courage and earned his name "Stonewall" Jackson. He fought in many battles, was wounded by friendly fire at the Battle of Chancellorsville in 1863 and died from pneumonia. 

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