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Civil War Print The Irish Brigade of the American Civil War were the most honored and beloved of all soldiers.  Their shout of  faugh a ballagh, Clear the Way! could be heard across the fields as the bright green and gold of their flag blew in the wind. Many had fought in Ireland like Thomas Francis Meagher "Meagher of the Sword" before coming to this new country and would fight again to preserve precious freedom.  He formed the first regiment to be known as the Fighting 69th and went into battle with the Finnian flag flying the motto Riam nar druid sbarin lann which translates from the Gaelic, We will never flee from the clashing of blades. As other regiments joined the Fighting 69th they became known as the Irish Brigade. The Irish Brigade's strong religious beliefs and culture unified them and provided comfort in the bloody battles.  Love of country, loyalty and fierceness in battle made them proud to be the Fighting Irish.  You can find monuments of the Irish Brigade in Gettysburg, Antietam, New York and many more battlefields and cities all over the United States. 169th
Civil War Apparel Civil War Apparel
 Kepi Hats and Vests

Wool kepis of the finest fabric, leather brim and  lined with satin.  Civil War hats can be  personalized with corp number and insignia as shown. You will find them exact replicas as seen  in re-enactments,  movies, prints and museums of the Civil War and Irish Brigade.

Flags of the 69th Irish Brigade used in the Civil War Battles at Gettysburg, Antietam, and other battles that the Irish Brigade fought.  They come in replica sizes. 
Books of the Irish Brigade with historically correct depictions of the war strategies and events of the generals and soldiers of the Irish Brigade and Fighting 69th in the Civil War between the North and the South.
Irish Brigade Prints CIVIL WAR PRINTS

Civil War Irish Brigade Prints by Don Troiani, Dale Gallon, Mort Kunstler, Gnatek, Reeves, Schmehl and other Civil War artists.  These prints capture the horror, glory and romance of the Irish Brigade of  the Union and Confederates.  Prints can be ordered flat or framed.


Gone With the Wind prints from the famous book and movie by Margaret Mitchell's story of the Civil War. Scarlet and Rhett were Irish of course and caught in the conflict between the North and the South. 

Uniform AccessoriesUniform Accessories
Uniform Accessories of the Civil War to add to uniforms or collections of  Irish Brigade collections. Belts and buckles of the Union and Confederate States of USA.
Replicas Replicas
Civil War Replicas of swords, guns, rifles, cannons, bugles, flasks and memorabilia of the Civil War and Irish Brigade.  These are exact replicas of the guns and rifles were used by the Fighting 69th and other units of the Civil War.  All military artillery is non firing, for display only.
Childrens dolls dressed in the blue and grey uniforms of the Irish Brigade in the Civil War.  Dolls tell the history of the past and how they dressed.  These dolls are inexpensive and  have play value.
Videos and Music Videos and Music
Videos and Music of the Irish Brigade.  Many of the tunes you will recognize as parade music or set to different lyrics. 

Irish Green & Union Blue
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IRISH BRIGADE PRINTS BY TROIANI, GALLON, KUNSTLER, REEVES, 69TH FLAG and BOOKS Our Shop is a dealer for IRISH BRIGADE CIVIL WAR PRINTS by all major artists including TROIANI, KUNSTLER, REEVES, GALLON and also carries Battle FLAGS of the IRISH BRIGADE. A large collection of CIVIL WAR BOOKS and ARTIFACTS are available.
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