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Garryowen 28th Massachusetts
69th NY Regiment Flag
For Erin and Glory
The Irish Brigade of the American Civil War were the most honored and beloved of all soldiers. Their shout of faugh a ballagh, Clear the Way! could be heard across the fields as the bright green and gold of their flag blew in the wind.

Many had fought in Ireland like Thomas Francis Meagher "Meagher of the Sword" before coming to this new country and would fight again to preserve precious freedom. He formed the first regiment to be known as the Fighting 69th and went into battle with the Finnian flag flying the motto We will never fly from the clashing of blades. Riam nar druid รณ sbarin lann which translates from the Gaelic

As other regiments joined the Fighting 69th they became known as the Irish Brigade. The Irish Brigade's strong religious beliefs and culture unified them and provided comfort in the bloody battles. Love of country, loyalty and fierceness in battle made them proud to be the Fighting Irish. You can find monuments of the Irish Brigade in Gettysburg, Antietam, New York and many more battlefields and cities all over the United States.

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