ONWARD GEORGIANS Limited Edition Civil War Print by Don Troiani

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Onward Georgians - Don Troiani - Limited Edition Prints

In the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia on December 13, 1862 the troops of General A. P. Hills division waited behind the raised embankment of the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad. When they engaged the Union troops of  General George Meade they fought in plowed fields in ankle deep mud against the men of Captain John T. Jordan 49th Georgia along the R.F.& P. Railroad.  When the men of the 49th fell back, Captain Jordan "seized the flag, and, springing to the front, with one hand waved his sword, with the other his ball-riddled banner above the noise of the battle shouted to the men of the 49th Georgians "Onward! onward! follow me, 49th!".  He carried the battle flag of the Army of  Northern Virginia.


  •  Image Size 19” x 29” • Overall Size: 23 x 32” 
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  • Limited edition of  350