McPHERSON'S RIDGE Limited Edition Civil War Print by Don Troiani

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 July 1, 1863, Confederate General Henry Heth pushed his division down the Chambersburg Pike and encountered Union cavalry by McPherson's farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  General John Buford's division dismounted and arrayed to meet them. Buford's men used the firepower of their breech loading carbines-and the capable gunnery of Lt. John Calef's Battery A, 2nd U.S. Light Artillery-to good effect. Despite the valor of his troopers, soon the two-to-one odds against Buford began to have an effect. The Union line began wavering, but the cavalrymen in blue were able to hold on until the arrival of reinforcements...and the onset of the most climatic battle in history.

  • Image Size 20 x 26” 
  • Condition mint. 
  • Limited edition of 1300