FLYING CLOUD Limited Edition Print by Hugh Knollys.

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One of 4 prints by Hugh Knollys. In 1862, Flying Cloud was sold to the Black Ball Line in  Liverpool, sailing under British colors without change of name, and was soon traveling between the mother country and Australia and New Zealand. Her latter years were spent in the log trade between Newcastle upon Tyne, England, and St. John, New Brunswick,  Canada.  On June 19, 1874, Flying Cloud went ashore on the Beacon Island bar, Saint John, New Brunswick, and was condemned and sold.The following June she was burned for the scrap metal value of her copper and iron fastenings.
Artist Lieutenant-Commander Hugh Knollys,  died at age 87, played a major role in the last British destroyer action of the Second World War, and later became a marine artist.  He was a controversial person often in the news. He also painted over 1500 portraits of children.